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Unity3D THE BEST DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM FOR CREATING GAMES Unity is a flexible and powerful development platform for creating multiplatform 3D and 2D games and interactive experiences. Ojala algún día alguien aprenda a usarlo. Racing game kit for unity3d asset storeracinggame.

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INTERNAL: Android: Buildpipe - Print the step duration in the editor log. IOS: Fixed broken microphone permissions when camera is not used in app. Linux: Fixed uninitialized screen dimensions at startup with some window managers. Linux: Unlock cursor when switching from Locked to Confined mode. Metal: Fixed GPU hang on A7/A8 devices in some MSAA scenarios. Metal: Fixed the issue of not rendering of standard shader with webgl emulator.

Mobile: Disabled RunInBackground on Android and iOS. Mono: Applied a fix to prevent a crash that might occur when deep profiling is enabled in the Unity Editor. Mono: Corrected a crash in the C# compiler when two or more overloaded operators were used in the same statement. Mono: Corrected an invalid C# compiler error with generic types in compiler generated code (like lambdas and enumerators). The error from the C# compiler often includes this text: "There is no boxing or type parameter conversion from.

Mono: Fixed Mono C# compiler on Windows when using "non-standard" locales. Mono: Prevent a crash in a crash in mono_class_from_mono_type when using "new Enum{}" array in the script. Mono: Prevent an intermittent crash in Unity when the managed debugger is attached.

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Multiplayer: Fix for the issue where reliable messages can be dropped in high dropping rate environment. Multiplayer: Network simulator works again. NavMesh: Fixed the tile carving algorithm so that it's capable of handling colinear degenerate triangles. This was causing the generated NavMesh to have a double line on polygon and was causing a trembling movement for its associated GameObject. Networking: Fixed possible crash on old Android devices due to alignment problems. Note: this change breaks protocol compatibility with previous 5.

You need to recompile and redeploy existing 5. X and older should work without problem). OSX: Unity no longer destroys RenderTexture when switching the Standalone player between fullscreen and windowed.

Particles: Correctly initialize default curves, when creating new Particle Systems. Particles: Fixed a crash on certain Android hardware caused by zero sized particles. Particles: Fixed an occasional crash when emitting from a skinned mesh renderer shape. Particles: Fixed incorrect values for emission burst min and max when upgrading from an older Unity version. Particles: Fixed performance regression causing Update Jobs to be dispatched slowly on some platforms. Performance Reporting: Fixed an issue where native symbols for iOS builds were not uploaded when building on OSX Sierra.

Physics 2D: Fixed an issue where ContactFilter2D collision normal limits failed. Physics 2D: Fixed an issue with Raycast not always detecting a CapsuleCollider2D or a BoxCollider2D. Physics: Do not show missing Effector2D warning in Collider2D inspector when the Collider2D is using a CompositeCollider2D. Physics: Fixed a crash that happened when continuously scaling a MeshCollider while activating and deactivating it at the same time.

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Physics: Fixed a crash that happened when scaling a Mesh that the physics system (PhysX) failed to process properly (like a convex MeshCollider with too many vertices). Physics: Fixed a crash that occurred while updating active skinned Meshes. Physics: Fixed a crash when removing a CompositeCollider2D.

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Physics: Fixed a crash where contacts for Collider2D were not deleted correctly. Physics: Fixed an issue where contacts between Effectors were not correctly evaluated when Effector Collider masks were used.

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Physics: Fixed an issue where Physics. ClosestPoint were not returning the correct value when a rotated Collider had its centre offset. Physics: Fixed an issue where unexpected trigger events were fired to scripts when a degenerate CapsuleCollider was used.

Physics: Fixed an issue with Raycast not always detecting an EdgeCollider2D when attached to a Rigidbody2D in certain poses. Shaders: Applied improvements to Metal shaders performance when using GroupMemoryBarrier. Shaders: Fixed an incorrect shader translation to GLSL and Metal shader code from a logical OR on boolean vectors. Fixed shader compile errors on Vulkan eg "Shader error in 'Hidden/Post FX/Screen Space Reflection': '': compilation terminated at line 141 (on vulkan)". Shaders: Fixed an incorrect shader translation to GLSL and Metal shader code from unsigned divide operation.

Shaders: Prevent assert failures and crashes when attempting to compile tessellation or geometry shaders on platforms where they're not supported. Shaders: Vulkan added support for vector scalar expansion constructors. Fixed crashes with errors like "SymGetSymFromAddr64 error: 'Attempt to access invalid address. UGUI: Fixed crash issues when re-parenting inactive GameObjects. UI: Fixed an issue where UI Button didn’t update its SelectionState after interactable value changes. UI: Removed the extra call to CanvasRenderer.

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OnTransformChanged when the canvas is set to ScreenSpace. Camera render mode, and the Camera’s Transform is changed. Video: Added support for transcoding to tiny VP8 resolutions. Video: Fixed an intermittent failure to load video tracks on iOS.

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Video: Fixed crash on Samsung Android devices with 4. Video: Fixed failing VP8 transcode on Windows due to unsupported audio codec. Video: Fixed invalid video stride evaluation. Video: Fixed issue on Android where H.

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Videos above 480p crash on devices with 4. Video: Fixed issue on Android where VP8 videos would not play on Samsung devices with 4. Video: Fixed issues regarding video looping/end detection. Video: On Android, applied a fix to prevent garbage collection from being over-used, and fixed an issue where the app would freeze when changing a video clip during playback. VR: Added support for different eye texture color formats on Oculus Rift. VR: Enabled termination of Cardboard applicaiton when pressing the <- button during the splash screen.

VR: Fix for Android not being able to change AA (Anti-Aliasing) settings at runtime. VR: Fixed iOS crash in SetTexture with Google VR SDK 1. VR:Ffix for VR on PC doesn't render if rendertexture format RGB565 is created, crash possible. WebGL: Fixed custom cursor support. WebGL: Fixed IE InvalidStateError load-time error. WebGL: Fixed Profiler connection. WebGL: Fixed Template Custom tags not being replaced at build time. WebGL: Fixed unresponsiveness when loading cashed AssetBundles with WWW.

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WebGL: Fixed WebAssembly build failure with Full exceptions on Windows. WebGL: Fixed WebAssembly missing setTempRet function. WebGL: Fixed WebAssembly missing setThrow function. WebGL: Fixed WebAssembly runtime error: integer overflow/unrepresentable.

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WebGL: Released WebCam after use so other tabs can use it. Windows Store: Fixed a crash when animating scripting objects on. Windows Store: Fixed a crash which happened when retrieving WheelHit. Collider after having previously set it to null on. Windows Store: Fixed a harmless assert which happens when building for Universal 8. Windows Store: Fixed a potential stack overflow when building a project with a large custom cursor. Windows Store: Fixed an out of bounds array access assert in Mesh code. Windows Store: Fixed Build & Run with VS2017.

Windows Store: Fixed building player when some files (like UnityOverwrite.

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Json) are set to read-only. Windows Store: Fixed exceptions thrown in OnGUI callback not being logged on. Windows Store: Fixed IL2CPP not being able to build C++ code with VS 2017 Update 2. Windows Store: Fixed issue where Ctrl+C would delete input field instead of copying it. Windows Store: Fixed issue where pasting an item in the InputField always pastes the item that was first in the clipboard before launching the player.

Windows Store: Fixed issue where pressing and holding Xbox One controller button A led to false keydown events during the first frame of a Scene. Windows Store: Fixed serialization when a serializable type derives from another serializable type in another assembly that has a serializable private field.

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Windows Store: Fixed System. Dll not being referenced by scripts when using IL2CPP scripting backend. Windows Store: Fixed UNetWeaver crashing when using. API Compatibility level with IL2CPP scripting backend when deriving from.

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Windows Store: Fixed WorldAnchorStore. GetAsync crashing the player.

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UI: CanvasRenderer:OnTransformChanged will not be called when object is inactive.